FAQs (Policies & Programs)

Every establishment has a series of policies and programs in place that are developed to ensure that every customer has a wonderful experience. The FAQs below will hopefully answer all of your questions, but please let us know if there is something else we can do to enhance your visit to DCBK.


Is there a cover charge?
Yes. There is a $3-$7 cover charge for live entertainment. That charge will be added to your bill when you are present during live entertainment. That charge “covers” our musicians and guarantees that we can keep presenting some of the very best jazz Boston has to offer. For special artists and events, there may be an increased charge.

Is there a maximum seating period?
Yes. To ensure that we can honor your reservations in a timely manner, we have a 2 hour maximum seating time during the prime times and holidays. After that 2 hour time period, we respectfully invite you to stay and enjoy the music in the bar area.

What is your policy on gratuities?
Because of the required services needed to serve parties of 6-19, there is an 18% gratuity and for parties of 20 and above, a 20% gratuity.


Any special deals for theater goers?
Yes, If you are going to the theater before or after dinner, be sure to show us your tickets for a 10% discount!

Any specials for birthday celebrations?
Yes, let us know if you are celebrating a birthday and we will serve the honoree a special dessert! Book your birthday party for 10 or more in advance, and we will treat the birthday guest to dinner! Add Call us (617) 536-1100  or fill out our contact form to book your event.

How about gift cards?
Surprise your friends and family with a gift to Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen Please click here to purchase.

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